About Saafx

Created by two friends with their children, family and community in mind.

Saafx brings you a WHO formulated hand sanitizer made and packaged in a sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in New Jersey, USA.

It has 75% alcohol content, more than the 60% as recommended by the CDC. It is vegan, cruelty free and without additives.

Gets the job done with 4 ingredients

The women leading Saafx

Hi Guys! Kejal and Sharan here, we are friends who met almost a decade ago  while living in New York City. Both of us are working moms with incredible, fun-loving kids. Oh, and some husbands too!

Keeping children safe and healthy is every parents priority. When washing hands with very active children isn't always an option, we needed a quick fix to fight off the ‘germies’. 

Motivated to fill the need due to recent shortages of most leading brands, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We wanted a product that was simple yet effective. 

Behind the name

‘Saaf’ is the Hindi word for “clean” and with both founders being of Indian descent, it was perfect. 

We are proud to create a product that brings safety to our families, homes and communities. Let's all get safer with Saafx.